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Partnership programs


The team of KoralSoft offers you to share your available resource and to help you in developing your electronic dictionary

  • If you wish to develop a dictionary based on your professional interests.
  • If in your business are used specific foreign words and expressions.
  • If you have a foreign-language database.

KoralSoft can offer you several options of partnership:

  1. KoralSoft shall convert your available databases and make them operative with the interface of EuroDict XP.

    Then you shall decide how to market the ready product. KoralSoft can publish the product on CD, with previously specified number of copies.

    You shall then pay ready CD at preferential price.

    The product shall be marketed with your trademark. KoralSoft shall not be interfering in whatsoever way with the new product and its marketing or sales strategies. KoralSoft shall only offer technical support of ready product.

  2. A client offers a database, KoralSoft finances all expenses related to conversion and production of new language dictionary.

    When ready, the product is distributed on the market by the company and sales income are divided between parties in accordance with preliminary contracted relationships.

  3. However, if you wish to publish your language database for free-of-charge use by all users, KoralSoft shall convert and adapt those databases to be operative with EuroDict XP and shall publish the ready product on its site for free use.

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:expositive bulgarian

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Bulgarian Talking CD

Bulgarian Talking Multilingual Dictionary

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